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Honors, Reviews and Reflections


Anderson Elementary School


"I have never experienced a group of children mesmerized during an assembly.  Ms. Grear’s Harriet Tubman performance captured the attention of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, transporting them to a monumental time in our nation’s history, where they learned how one person’s heroic acts impacted our country then, now, and for generations to come."


--Krista C. Holland, Principal at Anderson Elementary School



Randall Library (UNCW)

"I teach performance and storytelling courses and for my courses I require that students see either a live performer or theatre production and write an analysis of it using the theory from our class as the basis for the analysis. I just wanted you to know that a number of my students elected to see your performance last week and they RAVED about it. Thanks for doing such a splendid job and helping my students see the value and power of storytelling."

--Carole Tallant, Professor of Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


"I attended the performance of a famous storyteller by the name of Joyce Grear. She made me feel as if I was actually being graced with the presence of a great historical figure. She truly was amazing. On top of her performance being so powerful and inspirational for me as an audience member, it was also extremely informative. At times, Ms. Grear portrayed the humor and whit that Harriet Tubman instilled. I found myself chucking one minute and then next had my eyes welled up with tears. Each and every moment was beautiful."

--Stephanie Y., Student- Performance of Literature course, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


"Joyce was amazing and received a standing ovation. Even the young children who attended were mesmerized by Joyce's portrayal of Harriet Tubman. After Joyce's performance, she talked about what books have meant to her life and encouraged everyone to utilize libraries and to read as much as possible. It was an inspiring event."

--Anne Pemberton, Instructional Services Coordinator, William Madison, Randall Library, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


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