Programs Offered

The stories in Joyce Grear's repertoire may be original, sacred, African or International tales, and all have a theme. Before her dynamic presentation, Joyce Grear introduces the theme inherent in it, then tells her version of the story. The discussion afterwards reinforces theme lesson and stresses the importance of reading.

Joyce Grear as Harriet "Moses" Tubman

Harriet "Moses" Tubman (1820-1912):  A chronicle of the daring life of the legendary " Moses", the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad. In her lifetime, the law made it a crime for her to learn to read and write; but in her youth, she set her mind to make a difference against all odds...and she became a legend. This powerful portrayal is educational, biographical, and inspirational.

Character(s):     Harriet "Moses" Tubman

School group:   7th grade and higher

Theme:              The story of Harriet Tubman

Type:                  First Person Theatre Performance

Fees:                  Per performance: Negotiable

Joyce Grear:  The Storyteller

This performance is chosen to suit the age level of each audience or geared to their particular needs. Joyce shares her own version of classics, African folktale's and originals, emphasizing the importance of reading. Story sessions might include stories about famous people, i.e. Martin Luther King, Jr, Phyllis Wheatley and Mary McLeod Bethune.

Character(s):     Storyteller, Joyce Grear as herself

School group:   K-12

Theme:              Stories from many cultures,

                           African folktale's, classics & originals

Type:                  Stories with themes for today

Fees:                  Per performance: Negotiable

The Sacred Story Theatre

This performance presents stories from the Old & the New Testament, parables, psalms and contemporary tales with sacred themes. (This program is recommended for elementary students or formatted for inter-generational audiences.)

Character(s):      Various characters portrayed by

                           Joyce Grear

School group:   K-12

Theme:              Bible stories from the Old & New

                           Testament, stories with sacred


Type:                  Stories of faith

Fees:                  Per performance: Negotiable